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    The Honors Fellowship

    All students who were approved to conduct departmental Honors in the 2013-2014 academic year were eligible to apply for fellowships through the William and Mary Honors Fellowship program. Representing a variety of disciplines, the Fellows receive funding to devote 10 full-time weeks during the summer for research and additional money during the year for project-related expenses.

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    The Blog

    All Honors Fellows will submit posts to the W&M Honors Fellows blog for a full year as they research and write their honors theses. Follow along as these students experience the highs and lows of creating, conducting, and completing an individual research project.

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    The 16th Annual Honors Colloquium

    Each February the Roy R. Charles Center hosts the Honors Colloquium, a presentation forum for Honors students working on theses. W&M Honors Fellows will participate in the Colloquium, presenting their work to an interdisciplinary audience of their peers, faculty, family, and friends. The Colloquium are open to the public, and everyone is welcome!

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    The Thesis

    The Departmental Honors Program provides qualified students the opportunity to complete a two-semester, six-credit research project under the supervision of a faculty advisor.  Each Honors project culminates in a thesis and oral defense.   Completing an Honors project can be one of the most academically rewarding experiences of a student’s undergraduate career.


Preview of the Silent Films: Within Our Gates

Below are some of my thoughts on one of my favorite Micheaux films, ‘Within Our Gates.’ Enjoy! Oscar Micheaux’s second silent picture, ‘Within Our Gates,’ was presumed lost for decades until a single print was discovered under its Spanish release title, La Negra. In its original English form, the title directly referred to an epigraph…
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Important Questions

My sincerest apologies for the delay in posts! I dedicated this post to important questions I’ve thought of throughout the research process.


Oscar Micheaux Timeline

In order to contextualize my thesis, I decided a timeline detailing major events of Oscar Micheaux’s life was necessary. Enjoy!


Math Education: December

December was a very productive month for me. I have a good idea of what I want my thesis to look like and I’m about a third of the way through writing it. I have a draft of the first chapter that covers a lot of background information on professional mathematics in early-20th century America.…
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Post-Winter-Break Plans

What with finals and break, I have had to put my work in the lab on hold for a few weeks; however, this time has given me the opportunity to think about my plans for the future and specifically about what I hope to accomplish next semester.