Status Update, or How There is No Vacation from Research

Not a whole lot to report for this month, even though it felt pretty busy!  Mainly, what I’ve been doing is checking up on all my contacts to be sure that my project can continue forward smoothly – and also, I tried to squeeze in a little vacation time!  It’s funny how work and research creep into your free time, though – every time I kick a rock on the ground, my brain automatically tries to figure out what kind of artifact it must have been – but it’s really just a rock.  I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art while visiting my grandmother in New York a couple of weeks ago, and I immediately tried to analyze the ceramics that I saw all around me, before I could rein it in.  It’s kind of fun, though, because it makes you realize how much you’ve learned.

Anyway, I also finished up all the XRF work I had on my plate.  (Hooray!  I might end up with even more sherds, though – it depends on how much time I have this semester.)  I’ve been keeping in touch with my helpful geologist, so hopefully I’ll be able to collect those clays soon.  And now I’m trying to work out a good timeline for the rest of the year with my advisor, so that I can keep on task and write myself a good thesis!  (I’m pretty nervous about that….)  We’ve also talked about going to a local archaeology conference or two.  If I have enough information to give a paper, that would be a pretty thrilling opportunity – I’ve just got to brush up on my public speaking!  At any rate, I have to present on my summer research here at the school in a few weeks.  So in light of that, I’m off to plan my poster presentation!