Senior Year Honors Thesis Grind, Commence!

Who ever said senior year was supposed to be easy? Classes have been in session for just over a month now and things only seem to be speeding up. The brief hurrication thanks to Ms. Irene couldn’t even do much to slow down the whirlwind of obligations that the fall semester brings. Conducting honors research while taking classes, working, applying to graduate school, and balancing a number of other extracurricular activities  is a challenge, to be sure. It is a constant test of time management, and also discipline because “honors” doesn’t have an official class time. In order to help myself stay focused I dedicate a solid 9 hours a week in office time (Linguistics lab: Tyler 220 Tue, Wed, Thurs day from 2-5; come visit!). Being in a room helps with the focus, I’ve found. I’m also working to hold myself to write at least 2 pages towards my honors research weekly by Monday, which I send off to my advisor for her input. These steps will make the whole process much easier in the long run

As far as the research itself goes, this month I have focused mostly on fine tuning my literature review and methods section, both of which are nearly complete. The next, and most difficult, phase is to get some data that I can talk about. I’m excited for the results though, and I found out this past week that other people are too! To be specific, I have presented a poster of my summer research twice in the last week. Once at the William and Mary Scholars Undergraduate Research Experience (WMSURE) info session that occurred over parents’ weekend, and then again at the Summer Research Symposium, hosted by the Charles center.

Wmsure Family Weekend



I really enjoyed speaking with parents, students, and professors about all that I have learned over this summer and the work I am doing throughout this year to contribute to the Speech Pathology Profession.  There is nothing better than talking about your research and having people asks questions that show they are interested. As weird as it may sound, I am looking forward to the chance to do it again in the spring during my thesis defense. It’s just fun!