A time of historians…

I apologize for not updating my blog in so long! School picked up and then graduate applications were due and everything became quite a lot to handle. But I am happy to update that I have written probably somewhere between 2/3-3/4s of my thesis. It definitely has taken a new tone since I’ve last written. I have taken on a rather neutral tone that neither condemns SNCF nor accepts their conciliatory actions as fair and sufficient. This is the area I both love and hate to live in. The grey. I find it fascinating and it is the reason that I was attracted to this story in the first place. It complex, and gets even more complicated as the days pass. Recently SNCF has issued another statement and needless to say I was a bit frustrated as I had to make a correction to a section of my thesis which discusses their recent statement in America. Of course, this is also why I loved this topic, it is always moving and changing. The story is alive and is the clearest representation of how understanding history is paramount for being able to function in the modern world, as a business, a country, and a human being.

I recently presented my honors colloquium and although I am terrified for the defense in April, I felt it went fairly well. Soon I will be expected to have the whole thing done! This scares me and is a lot of pressure but I am also very excited to finish this project and see the product of my many hours in the library.

For a quick update on source findings: Recently the CRIF or The Representative Council of Jewish Affairs in France issued a statement to the United States House of Representatives asking them to refrain from encouraging the suits against the company. They believe that although the company is culpable, this sort of action is not necessary now and does not give proper recognition to all the reparations projects that France has created over the past 10 years. They ended the statement by saying “we believe that we live more in a time of historians than of judges.”

This idea of historians vs. Judges, attorney, and politicians makes a grand appearance in my thesis.


More to come later!