Plugging away

Hello all,


Since I last updated the blog, we have been primarily working on tightening up the parameter values as well as calculating the bifurcation derivative, which will give evidence as to the bistability of our model. Beyond that, there has been a lot of writing and editing, as we go to press quite soon!

The plan is to continue working on the Honors Thesis and finish that, then spend the summer here at William & Mary and work on a manuscript for publication into a scientific journal. I’m hopeful that we can get that done and I’ll be able to enter graduate school with a publication under my belt (or at least in progress).

Speaking of graduate school, I have been receiving a few offers, and I am currently writing this from a hotel room at the University of North Carolina. I am here at their visiting weekend for admitted students and I love the atmosphere and work that is being done. To be honest, I am most likely not going to end up going here, but it is a great opportunity to spend time with other people with similar interests and discuss mathematical nuances with them.

I’ll update soon and hopefully more frequently as we get down to this final month or so of my undergraduate career.