Crunch Time

As we begin April in earnest, the thesis is getting into its last stages. I am currently in the process of attempting to iron out the small problems still inherent in the Blue Crab model and work towards getting the draft ready for the committee to receive on Friday.

Mathematically, we are concerned with nailing down the parameter estimates and determining if we have evidence of bistability. At the time of writing, we have determined a value for the paramater nu_2 such that we can have some evidence of bistability, using a theorem that was also used in Will Jordan-Cooley’s thesis (two years ago with the same advisor that I have).

I will write again later this week when the first draft has been completed. On a different note, I have accepted a fellowship to attend Rice University’s Computational and Applied Mathematics department to work towards my PhD. I am extremely excited and cannot wait to begin in August. I will also be able to spend the summer in Williamsburg working on creating a manuscript for publication in a scientific journal in the near future.

Thanks for reading!