Cancer complications

Once again it seems that I have trouble remembering blogging deadlines…this summer has just flown by! Since my last post I have taken the MCAT and written SO MANY medical school essays. I have made some progress on my model.

Cancer is a complicated disease. I knew this going in, but I did not realize how complicated it would be. The first problem is that I can find tons of specific pathways to model for generalized cancer, but not so much for any one specific cancer. So it’s hard to figure out what Renal Cell Carcinoma actually is. Additionally…cancer is a different way of thinking. I modeled Multiple Sclerosis for two years, half of my college career. I am used to thinking of apoptosis as a bad thing, but in cancer, apoptosis is actually good because it prevents the tumor from growing uncontrollably. This also means that oxidative stress, which causes apoptosis can be good and antioxidants can be bad. But if there is too much oxidative stress is can be bad! My model is full of things like this, which is going to make the mathematical part of my model VERY tedious. I don’t think I’m going to finish my model by the end of the summer like I had planned (aka: tomorrow). I have several more things that I want to model before I finish. With our research lab you’re basically done when you’re happy with your model.Hopefully I will be happy with it soon.

I’m leaving soon to go hang with the cows again…everyone enjoy your well-deserved breaks before the semester begins!!




  1. Nicole Brown says:

    Like a lot of other people not everything that’s been planned has gone according to schedule but its good that your still sticking with it. Good luck with your model! and now at least you’ve got the MCAT out of the way

  2. This looks very complicated and I admire you for taking on this task! I have had the privilege of seeing your model and it is very pretty! 🙂 Good luck with continuing the research during the school year! YOU’RE AWESOME!

    -ERB 🙂