Back to school

This year, the end of summer meant the end of uninterrupted honors research and the introduction of four other classes, a campus job, club responsibilities, and foraging for my own food. In that light, I’m afraid I haven’t kept on the same reading schedule I held myself to during the summer — but I’ve been trying to keep up, and to sleep a little on the side.

The start of the school year has also meant the resumption of regular meetings with my advisor, Professor MacGowan. We’ve been meeting weekly since I got back to Williamsburg to go over new critical readings, and lately we’ve been explicating poems I could possibly use for my project. Every week we redefine my parameters, and I feel that I’m coming closer and closer to some kind of order.

In other news, last week was the Summer Research Showcase, and Tuesday morning was my slot to show my poster and talk to anyone who was interested in my project. Though not too many people were around at 9:30 in the morning to look at student research projects (even I almost overslept), I talked to a few fellow honors students about our summer experiences, which was wonderful — we’re like some masochistic collective who get really excited about research topics, which is basically what I want in my friends.

I’m hoping to begin a better regimen of at least a few hours of honors work a day, but so far I’m trying to be gentle with myself too. I figure an hour of work on eight hours of sleep is better than three on six, or that’s what I’m telling myself.