Homecoming and Hurricanes

Last weekend was homecoming along with the parade and festivities along Richmond Rd. I got to reconnect with some old alumni friends who are doing some pretty interesting things post William and Mary. It gives me hope and quells some of my own worries for life after graduation seeing that most of them are doing just fine. Luckily Hurricane Sandy didn’t do too much damage in Williamsburg but instead gave me a couple days with a completely clear schedule. With this extra time I spent in swem reading and writing away the hours. I’ve begun to write Part I of my thesis that includes the intro, history, methodology, hypothesis and all the good things that will lead into the long and hefty Part II Analysis section. Lately I’ve been plagued with this feeling that I could always be doing something more, in terms of my thesis. That I could be dedicating more time to it or putting more energy into. At the same time these are thoughts that I’m sure every other thesis writing senior at W&M also has.

In this next couple of weeks I’ll be directing my work towards getting my ideas down and written out. While also re-listening to interviews and drawing out and solidifying the support behind the main concepts. With this project I’ve noticed that one must be constantly engaged in some level. Whether with the original data (interviews/transcriptions) or with secondary literary sources/ theory or mentally drawing the connections between the two.  Somewhere along some original theorizing plays a role as well.

As I prepare Part I and the extended proposal (necessary to continue with honors next semester) I can’t help but think about the future. The future of this project and my own future after graduating this spring. Of course there is so much more to come and we’ll see how it plays out.