Wait, it’s November!?

Yeah…so blogging on time seems to be a shortcoming of mine. I shall try to post again in November to make up for October. Or maybe I’ll just post like 6 in April to throw everyone off their game (joke).

My research isn’t going so well. I am incredibly busy. I have started the interviewing process for medical school. I am 5 interviews in and I have 5 more to go. Interviews are great, but also expensive and time-consuming. I also decided that senior year was a wonderful time to take on a ton of responsibility. This is untrue. In fact, I would argue that senior year is the worst time to take on huge amounts of responsibility; especially when one is doing an honors thesis.

So, basically my plan is to put enough time into lab to finish my model this semester and begin the mathematical portion over winter break. I will then finish up the research and begin writing in the early spring semester. Writing will probably be the hardest part for me. If you thought my ability to keep my blog updated was bad, just wait until you see me try to write with a deadline. Oh boy.

However, I’m going to give this my all and get it done. I’ve never taken on anything like this before and I’m incredibly nervous/excited to present my work in this level of detail.

Good luck to all of you seniors as you continue your work! I hope you are finding more time than I am!