As the semester is coming to a close

…and exams are getting closer and closer, it’s been difficult to juggle all the work with my classes and doing consistent work for the thesis. But none the less that does not prevent me from consistently thinking about it. Soon I’ll have time to translate that mental theorizing onto paper.

Interestingly enough though I’ve been thinking about my project through a different lens lately. I’ve been trying to analyze the dynamics within the South Sudanese community in more spatially interesting ways. So that means looking at how community organizations like TSSC construct a space for these the members to portray their transnational identities themselves. While this may not sound groundbreaking, in many ways it opens a whole different direction in which the analysis can be channeled. Theoretically this crucially opens the door to talk about Henri Lefebvre and his idea of the “Right to the City”, in the sense that through organizing these individuals are able to claim this specific space within the Washington DC metropolitan area as their own. This has all sorts of interesting implications about the claiming of citizenship through this avenue and also the furthering of their transnational identities themselves through this space. Sorry if at this point I’ve lost you…unfortunately this concept is not something that everyone truly understands and in many ways I’m still grappling with it as well…but taking the idea of space seriously could potentially transform the concept of transnational identity.

Of course I would have to consider what sort of effects this type of analysis would have on the results and if it is worth it to venture into this direction. At this point it remains one of my mental theories that may not actually make it into the paper, well have to wait and see I guess.

In all I’m excited that this semester is ending and I’m happy with the progress that my project has made thus far. Next semester I’m sure will bring along many more challenges and hopefully I’ll be ready for them.


  1. Nicole Brown says:

    Thanks for the comment and thanks for passing it on! What is your friend researching?

  2. Nicole Brown says:

    Thanks so much for the comment! Generally when I write I try to just let the ideas in my head flow out. Usually I’ve spent plenty of time thinking about the topic before hand which makes writing easier. For my thesis it’s been helpful just to sit down with a pad full of paper and hand write out a steam of my thoughts. For a few minutes I would just write out all the ideas I was thinking about onto paper. Then after this I look back over them and connect ideas. Also I tend to break down the things I’m writing into manageable parts. Instead of focusing on the piece as a whole from the very beginning, I look at the parts or paragraphs individually.

    I find that really what turns that writing into something this is actually good is the editing. I consistently read over the things I write, over and over again. Even when that’s over with I’m usually not satisfied haha

    hopefully this helps! and good luck

  3. Emma Aylor says:

    I’m really nervous about having time to start writing too! We’ll have to have Swem thesis parties next semester 🙂