The Holidays and New Years

Happy New Year!

The past year for me has been an amazing journey. From traveling around during my semester abroad  to coming back to Williamsburg this semester immersing myself fully into everything that has been senior year. For some reason I found finals this semester more stressful than I had remembered. It wasn’t really my exams that I was too concerned about, but I had to turn in an extended proposal for my thesis.

Essentially the purpose of the proposal is to demonstrate where I am currently in my analysis. In many ways this was great because it forced me connect ideas that had been floating in my mind. As well as reviewing my literary sources again, finding further sources and reanalyzing the collected data from the interviews. In the process I found two great books dealing directly with Sudanese diaspora communities in the United States. Holtzman’s Nuer Journey’s Nuer Lives (2000) focusing on the Nuer tribe in Minnesota and Abusharaf’s Wanderings (2002) looking at the diversity of migrants from Sudan who had migrated to the states for differing reasons. Both texts are incredibly interesting and provide tremendous context to where my study fits within. As these studies analyze these groups during the late 1990s, when most migrants from Sudan were just arriving to the U.S, they show just how important a post separation analysis is.

Along with placing my study within the context of these books in the proposal, I was able to expand on the ideas I was expressing in my previous post. The creation of transnational space by diaspora community groups has now taken on a central role in my analysis. My analysis is highly critical of the meaning of communities/ the diaspora but at the same time there are reasons to be hopeful of constructing unity within the these groups.

25 pages later, I’ve majorly structured my analysis. This next semester I will be expanding my analysis and critique, as well as heavily editing. It’s great that I now have something somewhat physical to show where I am but this is still the beginning. I think now I need to be more concerned with my style of writing and making my ideas understandable and allow them to flow logically.