Recent Progress

Let me start off by talking a little bit about SERMACS, as promised.  The conference was interesting, and a great place to present my work.  I spoke with many professionals, and even wound up with an offer regarding a project one person was working on.  I was also able to listen to presentations by other students and faculty about their exciting research.

Now on to the new stuff.  I’m still having trouble with these t-butyl compounds, and haven’t been able to figure out a procedure to make them undergo double addition.  However,  I am now working on a new compound in addition, based on a bisphenol designed by Nora Bate, a former lab member, and that synthesis seems to be proceeding normally, to be confirmed by NMR. I have also been able to solve the elemental analysis problems I was having with my polymers – it turns out that they were being oxidized.  I have made a bulk sample of one of the dianhydrides in the hope of doing a large-scale polymerization and pressing a plaque that can be used for radiation studies.


I have also included a neat image that comes as a result of failed experiments.  Many of the compounds that I make while failing to make the compounds I desire often turn bright colors when dissolved in acetone, so this is my rainbow of failure.  Unfortunately, the real compounds are usually brown.

.Rainbow of Failure


  1. Rainbow of failure is a great band name. Good luck David!