PLAS time!


So it may have become apparent that blogging on time is not my forte. I apologized. Last semester I completed 10 medical schools interviews and not nearly enough research. So now it’s crunch time.

After much consideration, I have completed the modeling portion of my model of Renal Cell Carcinoma. The model focuses primarily on the role of pVHL, NFkappaB, c-Myc, and p53 on regulation of cell growth and division. Now that the model is done, I have begun translating all the reactions into differential equations. I currently have over 200 reactions and my model and over 300 chemical species…so this is going to take a while. Once I have translated everything into math-speak, I can begin to actually gain data from the model and examine potential treatments.

But for now…I will continue to type equations!

Good luck everyone!




  1. David Hill says:

    300 species is too many. Just pick like the top 5 major products, I’m sure it will be fine.