Finally Getting Rolling

One of the greatest feelings on my thesis thus far has been starting to get some real results. I’ve spent October slowly moving forward with my model problem. What this means is that I’ve been setting up the framework to start working my computer around the clock for the rest of the year. Just two weeks ago I made the first of each type of plot which I am looking at working with. This is progress, because now I have all of the framework in place to do a lot of post-processing at once and really start to see if the first conjecture of my research, that my current algorithm is indeterminate, is true. As I write, I am uncompressing 72 GB of data that I’ve generated over the last two weeks onto my hard drive. This data will give me enough information to be able to predict convergence times, which will help to optimize my data generation and collection process, as well as to find the real results of imperfect importance sampling.

I expect this data to be completely processed by the end of the week, and I can use all of the different information that I collect on it to catapult into the next phase of my research. My goals for November are much clearer than they have been for the past two months. I’ll be using C and C++ in order to start solving a real quantum system. My goal is to create a fully integrated suite of functions which will allow me to do everything from constructing the model problem to calculation to post-processing and plotting my results in one fell swoop. From there, I will be able to start working on the algorithm, examining, designing and testing improvements to the algorithm to fix this problem. I’m excited to check back in in a month with more results!