Checkpoint 1

The situation surrounding my thesis has taken off in the past month. I am proud to say that, according to the William & Mary Physics Department, I am officially halfway through my thesis!

As of last Monday, I’ve turned successfully demonstrated the existence of a residual population bias in Quantum Monte Carlo calculations (the entire point of my thesis) in a paper outlining my work on the first half of my thesis, gave a talk to my research group and to the professor overseeing the progress of all undergraduate theses in physics on my topic, and managed to successfully convey a strong understanding of my subject and materials in all of these areas. I am proud to say that I have officially gotten to the end of my initially planned project and that I will be meeting with my advisor just before Winter Break to discuss extending my goals to include exploring the numerical reason for the existence of this bias and demonstrating the existence of this bias in larger, non-trivial quantum problems. Finally, I am very glad to see that everything is operating according to plan and that I am well on my way to graduation, graduate school and bigger and better things!