I’ve returned for the last semester of my undergraduate career, and instead of celebrating, I’ve been in bed sick for the past week. But now that I’m feeling better, I can move with greater swiftness towards the finish line! I don’t have any sentimentality at the moment, mainly because I haven’t really had time for it and I think I’m ready to move on to other things in life. I’m sure that sense of nostalgia and sadness at the closure of this chapter in my life will come, but it’s not here at this moment. I’m now in the process of finishing all applications for law schools (graduate schools came in the fall). Since that the final push is here, my thesis honors  has had to take a back seat. The good thing about this is that it, ironically, gives me time away from it. When I return to it, I can view it with a little more freshness. This is important, I think, as though time has a way of healing all wounds, it also has a way of making those unhealed gashes more evident. And that can be of some benefit. Even taking just a week off can help. I remember I did just that last term and caught many issues of concision and phrasing that would have been more difficult to find if I had not taken a break from it. So as I take this break to do other things, I’m hoping it is not to any detriment of the work.