From January

Wow! What an excellent month!! Shortly after the completion of my Midterm presentation, I (of course) went home for Winter Break. While I was home, still eagerly pursuing my thesis, I was finally able to prove the existence of a residual population bias in branching random walk algorithms. This being the centerpiece of my thesis research, I am very excited to state that I have been successful! I feel as though I have taken an additional step in my research, in going from having some data to demonstrate this effect to being able to quantitatively prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that such an issue exists in this class of Monte Carlo algorithms.

I am looking forward to moving on in my thesis. I will be looking to explain the numerical origins of this bias, quantify these errors and search for possible bounds on the bias, demonstrate the bias in more realistic quantum systems and examine possible corrections and solutions to this numerical issue. I look forward to continuing my research and to beginning preparations to defend my thesis in just a few short months!!