Phew! The entire month of February seemingly flew by in a flash. In a short month, I managed to get almost all of my data approved, and I have identified the last two steps to completing my thesis. I also presented my findings at the Charles Center Honors Symposium and, thus, have managed to prepare the skeleton for the final presentation of all my work at my thesis defense coming up in less than two months. Finally, in the remainder of March, I will be finally working on writing down everything which will eventually turn into the paper copy of my thesis, an initial draft of which will be turned in on the first weekend in April (only 3 weeks away!) It is amazing to see the progress that my research has made, as well as my personal progress in understanding and being able to use the methods that I am working with. I finally feel like I am fully understanding every aspect of the algorithms that I’m testing, and I am even beginning to see and be able to solve problems with my own code.

I am excited to work on the last couple of aspects of my research, and I am very excited to put all of my hard work to press and to see how well I have done through this whole year! Here’s to a great end to my senior year!


  1. Pete Bracken says:

    David: Your Blog entries sound like you are making Excellent progress in your Honors Research. Sandra and I are rooting for you. We will continue to send Our Best/ Most Positive vibes for you total success during your Thesis defense. We were so delighted to meet you last fall. You are a very impressive young man. We were amazed by intellect,your maturity and your complete ease in interacting with us. Cheers, Pete & Sandra