Return from break for the final semester: February

Hello again,

So last I left off I had just presented my research at the SICB Annual Meeting and it was a success! After returning back to Williamsburg in late January it was time to start planning the thesis writing timeline. Jon and I had sat down and came up with a timeline of when to turn in sections of my thesis for his revisions. We decided to start with the methods section, results, introduction, and discussion. I finished my methods in early February. Writing that section was a major trip down memory lane. I had scoured through all of my lab notebooks from the last three and a half years worth of research to make sure I got all of the details correct. Just like the poster, the methods section made me realize just how much one person can do in three and half years! The number of different experiments that I ran on several species of urchins was really astounding to look at retrospectively. I never felt that I did so much until I had to put it all in writing. All in all, it was a great plan to start the writing process with the methods section because that really helped me to organize how the rest of thesis. Which is honestly one of the first hardest challenges of the writing process – figuring out how to coherently present all of the work that you did. Next up data analysis and results section!