Sunny and 80 in January?

Hello again,

Last I updated I mentioned how I was getting my poster ready for the SICB Annual Meeting. Well early in January I went and presented my poster and it was a success! I talked for the entire two hours non-stop. People were awesome and kept asking me questions about my poster and would bring people they knew. It was awesome! I met some amazing scientists. Jan Pechenik was there – I’ve read a lot of his papers and used his textbook for my invertebrate biology class my junior year, and so it was awesome to have him come up to my poster and ask me questions and to just talk. It was awesome! I also went to so many talks. My days were filled with attending talks that ranged in topics from how to stud large charismatic megafauna to the science of poop to the biomechanics of cheetah and wild dog locomotion. In addition all of the REU students from the summer in FHL were also at the meeting presenting their research and so it was really nice to catch up with some old/new friends. SICB was a huge success and I was sad to leave sunny Florida for snowy Virginia.

Me getting ready to present my poster at SICB!

Me getting ready to present my poster at SICB!


All of the scientific talks had Nina and I tired and so we napped outside of the convention center soaking up as much sun as possible.