Hello blogosphere!

This is my final update. I submitted my thesis a few days ago, and I am elated! The finished product came out to be 111 pages. The printed copy felt so substantial and heavy it just made my jaw drop. This experience was definitely one of, if not the most, challenging experiences I’ve had so far. I’ve learned a great deal. Not just about science and scientific writing and analysis and all that jazz, but about myself as well. This experience really challenged me and at times I wanted nothing more than to just call it quits and have a normal senior year. But seeing the printed final copy instantly overshadowed those previous thoughts. If nothing more this experience gave me the confidence to feel like I can truly accomplish most anything if I really set my mind on it. Bonus: now all of my 8-10 page finals papers feel like child’s play so that’s one way to make finals feel less stressful. All I have now is to defend my thesis on the 7th of May and submit final revisions for publication in the Swem database by the 14th of May. And then GRADUATION!!!!

But in all seriousness I am so grateful and thankful for this experience. I am most thankful for my advisor Jon Allen, my fellow lab members, especially Lindsey Boyle who, without asking, would read sections of my thesis over and over and give me the most valuable of revisions and suggestions. Obviously my family for just being the most supportive of people. If anything, this experience made me realize just how many people believe in me and love me, and for that I am truly truly thankful.

This is the cover page of my thesis.

This is the cover page of my thesis.