After struggling to find the archives I needed, I’ve now narrowed the scope of my project even more. I’ll be using Al-Ahram, a semiofficial paper, and Al-Shorouq, an independent paper.

The process for collecting the Al-Ahram articles for computer coding is tedious and not always promising, but I’m hoping the hand-coding will allow me to make up for that.

After reading some more literature, I’ve decided that using front page articles is sufficient for collecting data. Mohamed Elmasry has done a significant amount of content analysis on Egyptian papers. I’ll probably be using a modified version of his coding sheet for the hand-coding portion of my research.

I’ve also spent the last few weeks forcing myself to explicitly define what exactly it is I’m observing and expecting to find. When I started thinking about this project two years ago, it was a mammoth of an idea, so I sometimes have to remind myself that I can’t do everything at once!