Time Point Studies and Research Conferences

The month of October has flown by and been full of many time points and learning about the research of scientists in the solar energy field! The major challenge I’ve faced this semester continues to be coordinating with other students to get time points taken. Coordinating between classes and activities has proved tricky and is limiting compared to my summer work, but we are still making headway on the project. Earlier this month, I worked with Professor McNamara to work out a plan of action in terms of which experiments still need to be done in order to fully compare all of the iron catalysts. Most of those included getting good data of the complexes at different pH’s and seeing how that impacts the rates of hydrogen generation. I just finished up with the last of those, so now it’s time to analyze all of the data I’ve been collecting since the end of summer!

In addition to my research in the lab, I was also lucky enough to get to go to UNC-Chapel Hill with Professor McNamara as well as Professor Wustholz and a few other students to attend the 6th annual Solar Energy Research Center conference there! The conference was an awesome experience and I was able to hear speakers who are huge names in the inorganic and physical chemistry fields related to renewable and solar energy research. I got the chance to present on some of my research related to the electrochemistry of the sulfinato complex and learn about the research happening at other universities around the country! Overall it was a great experience, and we all left motivated and with a few new ideas in hand!