New Year, Same Project :)

January 27, 2016

Happy New Year, everyone! Thanks so much for continuing to follow along in the

development of my thesis! So excited to be able to continue conducting such meaningful work

through this experience!

I dedicated a great deal of time this month to compiling summaries for each of the

interviews I’ve conducted, taking time to evaluate and develop a list of the themes. I’ve also

been reading texts that evaluate the role psychology and psychologists have played in shaping

American conceptions of race, notions of educational inequity and the distinction between

desegregation and integration in terms of the education system, and the relationship between

American universities and slavery. Through the knowledge and lenses that these readings

provide, I seek to consider questions regarding the college’s historical and current relationship

with African Americans on multiple levels of analysis, and with a full understanding of the

sociocultural, political, and ecological contexts in which the college is vested. Additionally, I

will soon be meeting with Dr. Dickter to do some preliminary data analysis, as well as to further

evaluate and consider social psychology literature centered on the subjects of stereotype threat

and the effects of prejudice. I also plan to be done with interviews by mid-February, and seek to

begin conducting focus groups before the end of February.

That being said, I’m excited to be moving so swiftly through the work, and look forward

to being able to begin thinking about major take home points and conclusions for the project. As

I continuing to progress through the project, I constantly reflect on how thankful I am to be able

to use research as both a tool self-discovery and social justice.