Lucky Number Fifteen

I am happy to announce that my study has reached fifteen participants! Though this number may not seem worthy of that much excitement, trust me, it is. As I mentioned in one of my earlier blog posts, the population I am trying to reach for participation in my honors thesis is one that is hard to get in touch with. The Healthy Beginnings Project began almost four years ago, in 2012. Some of our participants now have children that are over two years old. With the passage of time it becomes difficult to remain in contact with any participant, or even acquaintance. People move, their phone numbers change, they fall out of contact with friends, etc. Additionally, the women I was aiming to contact were in an extremely tumultuous period in their lives when we were last in contact with them. During the reentry process they may move even more than usual, live with different friends and family members, change phone numbers, turn off their cell phone service for periods of time, etc.

It is through months of calling, hours of voicemails, multiple letters, emails, Facebook messages, asking friends and family to update contact information, and visits to jails that I was able to get fifteen participants for my study. It was also through the help of fellow Healthy Beginnings students, grad students, and volunteers that so many women were contacted. I now feel that with the information from the interviews of these women, it is time to refocus my attention from calling to analyzing the data that has been collected and writing my thesis.

My next few posts (there’s only a few left!) will be focused on my results, the editing process, and my defense, all extremely exciting topics! But before I transition from discussing these new topics, I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has helped with my thesis so far. First, I wanted to thank the women who spoke with me so honestly about a very difficult topic. Without the information they shared, I would have no thesis. I also wanted to thank my advisor, who has helped guide me through this process and undertake a thesis that my freshman year I could have only dreamed of working on. A large thank you to all of those who helped me collect data for this project and get to my lucky number fifteen. And finally, thank you all for reading and following my blog! Now, I have to return to writing, but I look forward to updating you on my progress soon!


The end is in sight!



  1. Emily Nye says:

    It really sounds like you are on top of everything, and are making great progress! Congrats on reaching 15 participants, and good luck as you near the end of this process!