Participant Narratives

February 17, 2016

This month I’ve been trying to focus on the completing the interview process! Participants for this project must be 18 and over. They are recruited online, through emails, and professor recommendations using convenience or volunteer sampling. Each participant completes a semi-structured interview in which they are asked to answer questions about some of their experiences of institutional racism, stereotype threat, and impostor syndrome. Interviews typically last anywhere from 15-55 minutes, and participants are compensated $10 for their participation in the study.

I’ve also decided to analyze and code the interview summaries according to three themes: racial perceptions, institutional influences, and negative affectivity. In doing so, I hope to be able to cover a wide range of participant narratives, and aptly convey the implications these narratives and experiences have regarding issues of race and anti-Black bias on predominantly White campuses. Thus far, I’ve completed 11 of the 20 proposed interviews! Everything is going well and it is so rewarding to finally be working with participants and hearing about their perspectives and experiences. I’m excited to see how this project turns out!