Research from the comfort of my couch

As many of the other Honors Fellows prepare to depart for far-off destinations, I’ve been sitting on my couch at home reading endless articles. Many of them at first seem promising, like they might relate to my topic, then change course and discuss something else. I’ve read a lot of variations on “ambisyllabicity exists in English. It’s probably, maybe caused by one of these things. Anyway, let’s talk about my research into this other thing.” Despite the setbacks, I have found a number of interesting (and long) articles. I’m glad I’ve been doing this on my computer or I’d have already gone through a few trees printing everything.

After about a month at home, I’m back in exotic Williamsburg where, instead of reading on my couch, I can read linguistics articles in Swem! Also, and probably more interestingly for me to do and you to read about, I get to design an experiment and come up with a bunch of nonsense words. Expect a list (or at least a few) of the more funny sounding ones that I create. I’m pretty good at coming up with bad puns, nonsense words can’t be that much harder!