A Mad Dash to Finding Staff!

So for the past few weeks I’ve been scrambling to fill my production staff for my play which is going up in March of 2017. First place I looked was the open house for freshmen and transfers interested in getting involved with the theatre/dance program. I found my properties master Katie there. She was interested in doing something with the department and was a cosplayer. She said that she chose some of her cosplay characters off of their props so I knew she would be a good choice since she had experience making props. My next stop was then the follow up open house the week after. I found a woman named Jordan who had done scenic design stuff in high school so they signed on as my set designer. At the same time I reconnected with a friend who I had hosted during Sneak Peek, a night where high schoolers stay with college students to get a sense of the university. She was interested in getting involved and she had had some experience stage managing in high school so I was like come on aboard the Who Loves Like That? train!

I met with my adviser, Laurie Wolf, and we decided that we were going to need a fight choreographer because their is some physical violence in the show that needs to be managed so no one gets hurt. We only had a few options of students who had taken the stage combat class and we picked a woman named Eryn who was very capable and also my friend so that helped.

We had a change of costume designer since the original designer said that she was too busy since she had graduated in May from a master’s program at the school and was working in the area. She still wanted to be involved but in a less resposiblity laden role so I shifted her to assistant costume designer. I found my friend Angela and asked her to be the costume designer. After a brief pep talk about her abilities and my explanation of the show, I had the role of costume designer refilled! The last person I recruited is a woman by the name of Elizabeth. She was referred to me by one of my littles (Eliza) from TSA.  She and I had a meeting at Marketplace where we discussed what I expected for marketing for the show. We had a great meeting and we agreed that she would be great for the team.

Now I am nearing the end of my search for production staff members. It was a lot harder than I expected but I’m enjoying the rewards. Our first production meeting and the auditions for the show are both in November so I’m super hype about these upcoming milestones for the production. I can’t wait to see where this show takes me!