Filming Demonstrators

One of the most crucial steps of the experiment is now complete! This past week, I filmed videos of several psychology graduate students. I recorded videos of one male and one female demonstrator. This was done so that the video participants view can be matched to their gender. The content of the videos I recorded is very similar to the video on this website: http://www.emotionlab.se/resources

Participants observe the demonstrators going through a differential fear conditioning procedure, where presentation of one shape, but not another, co-terminates with the delivery of a shock accompanied by the presentation of a loud noise. For my recordings, no electric shocks were presented to the demonstrators but a loud auditory stimulus (the sound of a woman shrieking) was presented. So, I instructed my demonstrators to simulate that they received a shock at the same time that they heard the loud noise. It looks like they did a good job of this. Their emotional reactions were fitting based on the stimuli and will be sufficient to get the message across to participants about what the shapes mean. We anticipate that observers will acquire a fear to the CS+ (the unsafe shape) based on the video presented.