Math Education: November

Unfortunately, November was a slow month for my research. Most of my attention over the past few weeks has gone to other classes and final papers. My most important bit of thesis progress was planning a trip back to New York this January. When I was there this summer, I spent a lot of time going through the personal papers of professor David Eugene Smith, which are stored in Columbia University’s library. I want to go through the collection again and look up a few new topics which I wasn’t aware of in the summer. Other than arranging travel and lodging, I have only made some progress writing my draft this month.

One unexpected problem I am running into: a lot of my library books (especially Interlibrary Loan books) are reaching their due dates around this time of the year. More broadly, I have a lot of materials (books, notes, pdfs) and I’m having trouble keeping everything together and organized. Right now especially, as I am coming back to my project after having spent time focused on other things, it sometimes takes a few minutes to hunt through my notes and find what I’m looking for. Keeping so much stuff together has been an unexpected challenge to a year-long project.