November Updates: Recruitment, Writing, and Applying (Cont.)

Hi there! These updates pertain to the progress that I have made on my thesis during the month of November:

In terms of recruitment, we have just about recruited all of our potential Time 2 families. While we are still actively recruiting 1-3 participants, at this point we have successfully conducted Time 2 interviews with 167 (82.7%) of our 202 Time 1 families. In the coming months, we will likely start recruiting families for Time 3 interviews, though these recruitment efforts will be beyond the scope of my thesis and will likely be finished up within the next 1.5-2 years.

On the writing side of things, November was my most strenuous, but also my most rewarding month thus far of my thesis writing progress. I successfully finished writing/editing/refining both the parent and peer emotion socialization sections of my clinical Ph.D. application “writing sample,” though I will likely trim them down quite a bit in the coming months for my thesis. In these sections, I detailed the different modes of parent/peer emotion socialization and psychopathologies, competencies, and outcomes associated with emotion socialization practices, as well as several future research directions that should be considered in the field as a whole. The end-product ended up being 24 pages of text and 14 pages of references, so I do feel that I have thoroughly immersed myself in this literature and that I am now *somewhat* competent in this area of research.

I also spent a substantial portion of this semester working on my applications to clinical psychology graduate programs. I spent much time preparing my CV, statements of purpose, and writing samples for the common Dec. 1 deadline. In this way, I was/am certainly looking forward to December as a month in which I may focus exclusively on refining my introduction and beginning my methods section!

Six months down, six to go! Thank you for reading and I look forward to sharing more of my progress in the coming weeks!


  1. Hi, Polly! Thank you so much for your interest! In graduate school and beyond, I hope to examine the socio-emotional development of children and adolescents. Specifically, I’m most interested in how emotion socialization and emotion regulation processes may contribute to the development, maintenance, and treatment of youths’ psychopathologies. My thesis informs my future research in that it examines both parent and peer modes of emotion socialization and in that these social experiences (i.e., bullying, overt/relational aggression, prosocial behaviors) have been associated with a variety of psychological adjustment outcomes for youth. This thesis is also one of the first studies to focus on bridging the parent and peer emotion socialization literatures via a longitudinal methodology. So there will be many facets of this thesis that I hope to elaborate on in graduate school and beyond!

    Thank you so much for your comment and best of luck to you as well in all your endeavors in the coming months!

  2. Hi Natalee! This is so exciting! How do you think your thesis will inform what you work on in grad school? Do you think you may expand and continue the project/work on something related? Best of luck in the grad school process!