December Updates: Researching, Writing, and Beyond

Hi there! December has been an acutely busy month between reviewing pertinent research literatures, writing about adolescents’ social experiences, and hearing back about interviews from clinical psychology doctoral programs. With the exception of 1-3 remaining families, we have also now completed our Time 2 recruitment efforts and follow-up interviews. 167 adolescents and their mothers later, this has been a very exciting milestone for both my senior year thesis and my larger lab involvement.

Specifically in terms of reviewing literatures and finishing up my introduction, I have spent the last several weeks researching adolescents’ social experiences. I have learned about both the predictors and outcomes of adolescents being (a) aggressors towards their peers, (b) victimized/bullied by their peers, and (c) both bullied and aggressive towards their peers. In my review, I have come to conclude that though parenting and familial influences have oft been thought to play a role in the origins of these markers of social functioning, the ways in which parents socialize their children’s emotions is still a very novel area of influence that has yet to be examined. Further, virtually no research has sought to document to how the adolescents’ own emotion socialization behaviors may ameliorate or exacerbate their social adjustment trajectories. As such, I am very excited to examine these innovative trends among my sample of youth and their families. I am currently working on revising my peer victimization section and writing up my other social experiences sections.

I expect to be very busy with graduate school endeavors in the coming weeks, but I still anticipate finishing my introduction in its (lengthy) entirety within the next two weeks, working on my methods throughout February, and conducting my analyses towards the end of February.

Seven months down, five to go! Thank you, as always, for reading and I look forward to reporting more progress in the coming weeks!