Math Education: January

This month, I kept up my progress drafting my thesis. I am about two thirds of the way through and I have a good idea of what the final section should look like. My adviser has started looking over what I’ve written and giving critiques. I have been thinking about my project for months and months at this point, so it is refreshing to get an outside opinion on my writing. I am realizing that sometimes I assume my reader knows certain background information because I have been thinking about it for so long. So, for example, I’ve written a lot about how math education changed around the beginning of the 20th century without giving much information on what it looked like during the 19th century.

The biggest adventure of January was going back to New York to look through Columbia University’s archive again. I had spent time there during the summer looking over the letters to and from a math professor who is central to the thesis. Over the fall, a few new names came up in my research whose letters I hadn’t looked at previously. The January trip gave me the opportunity to recheck some of the documents I had worked with over the summer and gather a last bit of material before the final stretch this spring.