Outlining is Key

Cheers to finishing my research in December! Now that I concluded that huge portion of my thesis, I put much thought into the format of the project. Initially, my research covered 12 films, but as I outlined I realized this was too ambitious for a 100-page limit. This meant I needed to eliminate some films.

This task was very hard, but I was able to narrow the count from 12 to 9 films. I cut some that repeated similar themes (ex- Veiled Aristocrats and God’s Stepchildren both cover themes of miscegenation and ‘passing’ so I decided to cover God’s Stepchildren because its newspaper coverage is more enlightening)

Now the count is as follows:

1. Within Our Gates
2. The Symbol of the Unconquered
3. Body and Soul
4. The Exile
5. Ten Minutes to Live
6. Swing!
7. God’s Stepchildren
8.Murder in Harlem
9.The Betrayal

Stay tuned for more developments!


  1. Polly Lauer says:

    Hi Rachel,

    This sounds like a really great move! How has the number shift changed the argument of your project, if at all? And does each film get about 10 pages of analysis or are you formatting it differently?

  2. alexanderwilliams says:

    Hey Rachel, I was wondering about any other reasons you may have had for cutting certain films over others. With this change, do you think you’ll be able to enhance the depth of your analyses of each film in particular?