An Argument

While I’ve been writing, I’ve been following a broad theme centered on radio criminalization over time. However, I’ve been struggling to find a succinct, one-line argument that sums up the whole project. Fortunately, I participated in the colloquium last week. Having to prepare an oral presentation for my committee made me sit down and think critically about the important aspects of my project. This speechwriting process, which involved a lot of writing, reworking, deleting, and more writing, pushed me to pull together all the threads into one neat package. At the same time, I stumbled upon an article that discussed CERD independent expert opinions on Guatemalan community radio. Reading the article, I had a moment of “whoa, wait a minute, I don’t agree with that assessment,” and my argument suddenly had an angle. I am excited to finish up my thesis now that I feel confident about my argument, but it’s also surreal to think about this project’s end given it’s been on my mind since freshman year.