March Updates: Writing and UVA Talk

Hi there! These updates pertain to the progress that I have made on my thesis during the month of March:

We are nearing the end and I absolutely cannot believe it. T-minus two weeks until my thesis will be sent to my committee members! This time is both incredibly busy and incredibly exciting. I’ll be keeping this month’s updates short because there is still so much thesis work to be done!

On the writing side of things, I finished a rough draft of my 9-page Methods section in the first few weeks of the month. I have been thoroughly at work on the Results and Tables sections of my thesis, which I should have done by the conclusion of the first week of April. I have been also working to tidy up my Introduction section, since it will now include sections on parent and peer emotion socialization, bullying behaviors, overt/relational victimization, the receipt of prosocial behavior, and friendship quality. Early next week, I am to complete my Discussion section, as well as my References. Everything is coming to a close and I am so excited!

In other news, I am sadly missing the Society for Research on Child Development conference this year, but I still completed my poster so that one of my lab colleagues can kindly present it. I also recently found out that a talk that I submitted to the Starling Reid UVA Undergraduate Psychology Conference was accepted, so I will be doing a pre-defense presentation of my thesis on April 21st! This honor is a great opportunity for me practice my thesis talk and I’m excited/nervous for my first formal presentation at a conference symposium.

Finally, I think that it is worthwhile mentioning that I have officially accepted an offer of admission from a Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program! I am so very excited to take this huge step towards actualizing my dream of becoming a clinical psychologist and I’m so thankful for all of the wonderful support that I have received along the way. Exciting times!

Ten months down, two to go! Thank you for reading and I look forward to sharing my final few blog posts in the coming weeks!