That’s all folks!

I am excited to report that last Thursday I successfully defended my honors thesis in front of my wonderful advisor, committee, lab mates, and friends! It has been a long year, but I am so proud of all that I have accomplished with this project. I have learned so much about H. pylori, OipA, the cag Pathogenicity Island, and research as its own entity, and I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world.

I spent today editing my thesis according to my committee’s suggestions, submitting it to the archives in Swem, and turning in a copy to the Charles Center to be bound. Next up, I will be doing some last minute experiments for a publication, which I need to prepare, and I will also be getting ready for the American Society for Microbiology’s annual Microbe conference in New Orleans this June. After organizing my freezer stocks and reagents and gathering my belongings from the lab I will be on my merry way! I am ready to move on to the next journey, medical school, but I will dearly miss William & Mary and the Forsyth lab.

Thank you to my incredible advisor, Dr. Mark Forsyth, as well as my fantastic committee Dr. Landino, Dr. Kerscher, and Dr. Williamson for such a positive honors experience. Also, thank you to my Forsyth lab collaborators: Allison, June, Kexin, and Neena for all of their hard work. And thank you to the Charles Center and honors project donors for making this study possible!