May Update: Purpose of My Project

This summer I will be focusing on the literature review for my Honors Thesis but I thought I would start off the summer by talking about the purpose of my project. I hope this study will provide a better understanding of mentoring during emerging adulthood, an especially formative age. By utilizing the benefits of a natural mentor, adolescents can be better prepared as they enter the workforce. In addition, by harnessing their social maturity skills, adolescents can use this sense of responsibility to further their career outcomes. Most importantly, this research could help future researchers develop programs to help adolescents discover their passion and begin learning about career opportunities that match their interests.

Students at The College of William and Mary are fortunate enough to have dedicated professors and resources to help us as we discover our passions and shape our future. I hope that my research will be able to help those who are unable to attend college or those who choose to follow another path to have the same opportunities for a successful career rooted in their passion.

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