May Updates: Defense, Conclusions, and Future Plans

Hi all! I’ll keep this short, but wanted to provide a brief conclusion to my thesis progress.

  • Over the course of April, I did indeed finish my thesis with the end result being just over 100 pages long. Long story short–my results do indicate that maternal emotion socialization (particularly that which is supportive in nature) does relate to adolescents’ social outcomes, both directly and indirectly through adolescents’ own emotion socializing behaviors. I met with my thesis committee on May 1st and successfully defended my thesis. Now onto the arduous task of publishing it!
  • I also graduated several weeks ago with honors. It was a wonderful (albeit bittersweet) experience and I’m excited for the next chapter of my education and career. Over the course of this summer, I will be working to publish my thesis and to prepare for graduate school. In August, I will be starting my first semester of the Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. I will be primarily working under the mentorship of Dr. Elizabeth Kiel, studying the role of transactional emotion processes in the development and maintenance of anxiety in youth. I will also be conducting some exciting research with Dr. Aaron Luebbe. As an added financial perk, I will be receiving a graduate assistantship stipend and full tuition remission!

Thank you for keeping up with my journey! It has been a wonderful one and I am indebted to my advisor, Dr. Janice Zeman, my thesis committee, my friends, and my family for their unabating generosity and unconditional support throughout the making of this thesis.