Experiments started


I came back from the break a few days before the summer research started, so I spent some time organizing myself and figuring out the logistics for my synthesis. After discussing some experimental protocols with my adviser, I found out the reason for the unsuccessful reactions during the last semesters, and worked out a procedure to improve my synthesis.

Today is the beginning of summer research. After the crucial safety training this morning, I started working on the first step of my project—synthesizing my target ligand with the improved procedure. The reaction is set up to be running overnight and I will be coming back and proceed to workup my reaction and continue the next step of synthesis. My target is having the synthesis steps completed at the end of this week should everything I have planned work the way I wanted so that I can begin analyzing my product. In addition, I have also check the supply of chemicals in our laboratory to make sure we order more of the ones that are running low.

A few lab members and I talked to our adviser today to figure out the logistics of the ACS national meeting we are going to at the end of the summer. We will be presenting our research projects in Washington DC, and that is a huge motivation for me to go as far into my project as possible.


  1. djspeer says:

    That is great to hear that you will be attending a NATIONAL CONFERENCE to preset this Honor’s Research! Congratulations! In addition, it is great to hear about your progress so far; By setting a solid foundation, your research can (hopefully) prove successful since your past attempts. I wish you luck on your ligand synthesis!

  2. ekamato says:

    Synthesis can be so complicated!
    I’m working on a synthesis as well, but still ironing out some kinks.
    When you go to the ACS conference at the end of the summer, do you plan to have the entire project complete, or will it be the ligand?

  3. mescreen says:

    It sounds like you have a good plan for the start of the summer! Did you find the reason your synthesis was unsuccessful surprising or was it a logical possibility from the reaction scheme?

    The national ACS conference in August sounds pretty exciting. What goals do you have for the conference? Do you hope to network with scientists from around the country or learn about a new line of research?