May Update

Currently, my task is to perform fragmentation on tetrapeptides of lysine and lysine homologs. Right now, I am currently investigating the b2+ ion structure and exchange of XAAA tetrapeptides (X being lysine or lysine homologs and A being alanine). I am currently restocking and diluting necessary solutions and cleaning out inventory. In addition, I am currently synthesizing necessary peptides to fragment and perform H/D Exchange on. Peptide synthesis start with an Fmoc-protected Wang resin,  deprotect the N-terminus, and then add the next –Fmoc-protected amino acid. This process of deprotection and coupling is repeated until we have syntesized the peptide of interest. Finally we will cleave the peptide from the resin, precipitate it from solution and collect the product through centrifugation. Peptide synthesis may take a couple of days, but we still have previous synthesis tetrapepides that I will be performing fragmentation on for the next month.