Research Update: June 2017

Hi everyone! In a blink of an eye, I am already one month in my Honors Thesis research. I’ve spent the last month pouring over literature and theories attempting to understand the vast amount of research and studies that exist in this field. In this process, the focus of my thesis has evolved and taken a more refined shape. In the last four weeks, I have written my literature review and my introductory chapter, in which I focus on the historical aspects of black gender education in the United States that have led us to where we are today. I am currently analyzing how societal expectations influence black men and women’s attitudes towards their ability to succeed at the collegiate level; my hypotheses assert that these influences (or the lack thereof) take a broader role in how black women maneuver through society in their black bodies.

Even though, I will likely not begin my actual data-driven research until July, I have learned that conducting your own research, the story you hope to tell & share, is a slow process. I hope to explore the connection between black women’s success in college (they currently make up 2/3 of all bachelor’s degrees obtained by black graduates), their collectivist political attitudes, how attitudes towards education influence social standing, and the relationship between black gender education and decided roles in the black community. Ultimately, I seek to explore further how black gender education influences the role dynamic in the black community and resultant, how politicians and the broader society, treat “the negro problem” (see: W.E.B DuBois—yes, it still exists in 2017, as do the oppressive institutions).

So, what’s next? For the next four weeks (06/19-07/10), I plan to edit my introductory chapter, provide more nuance to my literature review, and by July 19th, I intend to have conducted a vast majority of my data collection; on July 30th, I hope to have my first draft of my third chapter “Method & Data Analysis.” I would love feedback about my project, its direction, and anything you think I could improve!!!


Until next time,