June Update

During the last month of research, I have found ways to successfully obtain products of the second part of my ligand synthesis. However, I had a lot of trouble trying to purify my crude product to proceed to the next step. Therefore, my next stage of work will be optimizing the ratio of reactants to get a desirable yield and figuring out a good way to separate my starting materials and the product. Although I did have success running the same reaction with some more reactive chemicals and got high yield, I ran these reactions in very small portions just to obtain enough product for this stage so that I can use them to study the next step of my reactions.

Aside from doing reactions, I have been researching on alternative methods that can potentially simplify my synthesis procedure to get higher yield and faster results. Reactions conditions are different for each chemical. Information I found in the literature is merely a scaffold that I need to build my own reactions on. Therefore, I’ll need to learn to adapt, and be flexible when I am applying the methods I learned to my own reaction.