August Update

After countless failures during this summer, something finally seems to work. I have finally synthesized a precursor to my newly proposed ligand design on the very last day of the summer research session. I am optimistic that this is a correct step and will lead to results. The successful synthesis of this precursor will lead to a lot of additional studies. I also plan to investigate if the same reaction will work on a different starting phenol as well.

After summer research ended, I prepared a poster and presented it at the ACS national conference. It was a poster presentation on the previously published results and the new research I have been working with over the summer. It was very exciting for me as an undergraduate student to present scientific research in front of chemists from around the country and the world.

Outside of this poster session, I attended numerous talks by different chemists. The one I have found to be the most interesting was a talk on an iron catalyst containing a pendant amine that was good for C-H activation. Surprisingly, this catalyst does not do the catalysis on other substrates but on itself when reaction condition is met and self-collapses. In addition, the pendant amine does not actively reduce any reducible species. This research was intriguing to me due to its similarity to my project. The fact that the catalyst activates its own skeleton is unheard of in an iron catalyst.

I am prepared and ready for the upcoming new semester. I believe it is off to a good start and excited to see what is coming.


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