August Update!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful first week of classes!

The recruitment has begun once more, and hopefully I will get participants this round (fingers crossed). Past few days, I have been running around posting flyers, and contacting professors and cultural organizations. I will be contacting freshman RAs and flyer some more around the campus to advertise for this research. If you know any freshmen who may qualify for this study, please let them know of this opportunity 🙂 The new poster looks like this!


Another update that I have is:

My adviser and I have added a new component to the study – qualitative, semi-structured interviews. A small subgroup of participants will be selected from the original group and they will be invited to interview sessions. Just like with the baseline survey, these participants will be compensated for their time with 1 hr SONA credit or 10 dollars. We have a potential list of interview questions ready and need to update our IRB to reflect these changes. In addition to this new component. This qualitative data will help interpret quantitative results from the surveys and provide rich and personal narratives to the findings.





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