August Report – In Defense of Property Dualism

After talking with my advisor, we found some really interesting points that can either support or diminish my argument.

As I said earlier, the reason why my argument works is because in world A (see July Report) the mental properties and physical facts are of the same type as in our world, so the conclusion about world A should apply to our world as well.  However, this assumes that what makes mental properties supervene on physical facts is the intrinsic nature of mental properties and physical facts in general, instead of the nature of the individual properties and facts.

This could be problematic. Some philosophers believe that the physical is just the non-mental, and therefore there is no nature of the physical in general. If this is the case, then my assumption would be wrong, and the argument would also fail. Therefore, in the next stage I will investigate on the nature of the physical and further develop my argument.


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