August Update: Return to campus and prep for research showcase

As I returned to campus and got settled into my classes, I took a brief break from my research to adjust to the workload and my new schedule. Over the course of the last weeks of summer, I worked to locate data sources that will help me answer my research questions. Much of the data I need is accessible online thanks to the work of government agencies and non-profit organizations that regularly conduct surveys on various issues, like the Pew Research Center and Gallup, and publish their results. So, my work largely consisted of finding this information online and compiling a database for my own uses. One issue that I have run into at this phase is finding data on clinic blockades and harassment. While it is not too difficult to access state-by-state data on incidents of clinic violence, such as bombings, arson, and murders, it is significantly harder to find data on smaller scale incidents of harassment that are disaggregated by state (rather than aggregated at the national level).

In addition to working on my data collection, I am also working on my poster for the Summer Research Showcase coming up next week. I am putting together a poster that will cover the main legal and political concepts that I discuss in my literature review, as well as my research question, hypotheses, and plans for data analysis. I’m excited to see what everyone else has been working on this summer and will definitely post some pictures of my experience.

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