August Update

This month has been largely focused on completing the writing for section 2 of my thesis and beginning the process of researching specifically for section 1. Additionally, I have streamlined my question a bit. It has been a bit of an adjustment going from full time work on the thesis to integrating it into my class work, but this semester’s classes have already begun to inspire thoughts on the subject.

I have started the process for section 1 by reading a few books on the topic and writing a brief essay summarizing a very helpful book that lays out the relevant approaches to partiality in a general way. From here, I have begun to compile a stack of books that are mentioned as relevant in the initial reading I have done so that I can flesh out the sections with primary source reading. I have also begun to jot down some ideas for how to go about laying out my argument for my final section as the two beginning sections come together.

And finally, I have begun to envision how to present my summer research in the poster session. If you’re interested to hear more, stop by on the 14th at 9:30!

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