October Update: Learning to Balance

It has been a busy semester so far! I have two studies up and running on the online psychology study participation system (SONA) and am making great progress with both of these. We need about 40 more participants for our in-person study and 60 more for our online study. Already this semester, we have run a lot of people in the lab, thanks to our amazing lab assistants. Working on these studies during the year is much different than working on them over the summer. In the summer, I could focus all of my attention on my research and it was my only commitment. Now that the semester is in full swing, I have my other classes to worry about, in addition to my extra curricular commitments. It was a learning experience trying to balance all of my responsibilities but I think I have learned to juggle them all. Hopefully, as the semester carries on, we will get even more participants and I will be able to start analyzing the data at the end of the semester. I am excited to see what we find!


  1. I completely agree! Learning to balance this all is so hard! I almost wish I had a concrete goal like that for my research, since I’m mostly in reading mode at this point and keep finding more books that look important!